Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back to it

Well, I've successfully flipped my life 180 degrees in the last 2 months. In early December I was working a dead end job at a pawn shop, doing soul-crushing work for a shit boss who didn't pay me as much as McDonalds would have had I worked for them as long...oh and I had no life. I walked in one day...decided I couldn't do it anymore and quit on the spot.

I went back to Illinois for a couple of weeks over christmas and spent some quality time with my parents and little sis, and quite a bit of time with all my friends. I needed a mental break from life, and was able to come back home with a new drive.

Now I'm back in school, taking classes that I actually enjoy and just started working at a dueling piano bar as a bouncer. Which, besides being a cool ass job, is a perfect for me while going to school...they aren't even open while I'm at class so I don't have to worry about scheduling conflicts. On top of all this going so well, my roommate and I are about to move into a much nicer house (hopefully). 2011 seems to be shaping up rather nicely so far and quiting my job was the best decision I made in 2010.


  1. Hey man good for you! A bouncer sounds like a physically demanding job? I mean throwing drunk ass idiots around for a job does sound fun...

  2. nice to see that 2011 is going good for some of us.

  3. Very nice! Im actually in a very similar position

  4. Interesting stuff, good work brother.